Haunching Over Your Laptop? Follow Our Advice

Haunching Over Your Laptop? Follow Our Advise

Talking on an average, most of the professionals use Laptop either for personal or for professional work. Prolong working hours can bring many sorts of problems like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, depression, loss of energy, lack of interest, and much more.
According to the latest survey, it was found that on an average, people aged between 16 and 24 works with their laptops for almost 27 hours in a weeks’ time. It is quite obvious that this age range of people is likely to become a victim of the Hunched Over Laptop system problem. The main solution to this problem is to work in an ergonomic environment that not only takes care of the productivity at work but also the health of the employees as well.
Let us learn some more tricks and Tips to prevent hunching:

1. Which Laptop stand should you buy?
The screen of your Laptop should be at your eye-level. To say “No” to body fatigue or pain, buy a world-class laptop stand from a renowned maker. Our Laptop stand is an ultra-portable device that can convert your Laptop into a comfortable working station. You can work with your Laptop all-day long without complaining about the neck or back pain.

2. What Desk height should you look for?
Height of your desk should be calculated depending on your arms distance. You should not feel any kind of tension or fatigue while working either in standing or sitting position.
If you want to work in a standing position then make sure your arms are straight and lie just in front of you. Your arms should be parallel to the floor where you are standing. The height of the desk should be enough to place your arms without folding or bending. You might take the help of your friend to do this calculation work for you. If you want to work in a sitting position then the same rule holds true. Your arms should be straight and not bent at any angle.

3. Ergonimic Chair
You should look for a chair that is well-cushioned and has proper arrangements to give support to your sensitive areas like your neck, feet, back, etc. Your chair should support you completely else you may not be able to work to perfection. Do not work while sitting on a stool. This is one of the bad postures that most of the professionals try to follow and end up getting troubles. Support your legs and place them at an angle of 90 degrees in order to avoid any type of discomfort that may occur due to bad posture.
These are few suggestions you can follow to stop your habit of haunching.