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Top 5 Best Office Ergonomic Tips

Prolong use of the Electronic devices like Computers, Laptops at the workplace can invite frequent body pains like muscle fatigue, tiredness, lower back paint etc. It is the core responsibility of the employer to provide comfortable working space to the employees so that they can increase the productivity at work. Ergonomics is one of the simple processes that every organization should follow to give a better workplace to the employees. Basically, it is a process of designing comfortable working environment. We are here with Top 5 Best ergonomics Tips that every one should follow to give a better and a healthier workplace:

1. Comfortable sitting space
The seating space of the employees should be very comfortable. If you have given them chairs then make sure they are adjustable enough to adjust according to the height of the person who would be sitting on it. The chairs should have supportive armrest, backrest, and other cushioning in order to provide comfort level. The legs of the employees should always rest at an angle of 90-degree while working. People with different height and size may need different types of the chair so you every employer should take care of his or her employee to get the maximum output at work.

2. Laptop/Desktop Position
Employees who use laptops at work need special precautions while at work. Although Laptops are mobile and give them a convenient way to work but ergonomically speaking, they aren’t designed keeping ergonomic nature in view. To add extra comfort, Laptop stands must be used. Dr.Mount Laptop Stand not only increases the height of the Laptop but also protect your system from overheating. If most of your employees are working with Laptops then you must buy our Laptop stand for the additional security and the level of comfort at work.

3. Adequate Lighting
While working with computers and Laptops, the major stress is on eyes. Most of the time, the workers have to see the screen and work to manage the task. Clear Lighting makes sure, your work is done with perfection and the health of the employee is also not at stake.

4. Stop Slouching
Slouching isn’t a usual position for the body. It Increases pressure on the spines. Discomfort and pain are common effects of this. Thus you should avoid hunching over your laptop.

5. Take Break
Yes, you read that right.Break is more important for ergonomic comform. Taking a short break after working for a while, provide great comfort, both to the body and eyes. It helps us relax our body and mind. According to a recent survey, taking regular short breaks of 1.5 minutes, increase the productivity by 6.45%

Wrapping Up: All of these 5 Ergonomic Tips are very helpful to increase the productivity at work. Every employeer should implement these tools and see a remarkable change in the attitude of the workers.

Laptop Ergonomics Tips